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Amazon Clone

An Amazon Clone built with ReactJS

Fully functional Amazon clone that features user registration and login, a functioning cart, and a Stripe integrated checkout experience

Snapshot of the Ronin Martial Arts Academy website Snapshot of the Chic Next Door website

Chic Next Door

Custom Themed WordPress and PHP

This is a responsive brand site with blog features for Chic Next Door - a fashion, beauty, and style influencer. Features a social media page that includes an Instagram feed and a Contact page that sends submissions to the client's email.

Ronin Martial Arts Academy

Multi-page Responsive Business Site Design

Implemented a site refresh, Stripe integration, a sign-up flow for online classes, and a storefront.

Snapshot of the Ronin Martial Arts Academy website Snapshot of the Unplugged website

Unplugged Retreat Website

Mobile first HTML 5 & CSS from Photoshop Design Comps

Fully responsive multi-page business site.

about me

Full-Stack Developer, Short-Stack Devourer 🥞

Hi, I’m Noel Arzola, a freelancing Full-Stack Developer based in the Mid-Ohio Valley. I also work for Skillcrush as a Teaching Assistant where I help students learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, Python, and ReactJS on their journey to become Developers.

When I’m not coding or adding to my dev skillset, I love spending time with my three kids, riding my motorcycle, lifting weights, running, and learning foreign languages!

I can't wait to work with you!

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