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Snapshot of the Chic Next Door website

Chic Next Door

Custom Themed WordPress and PHP

This is a responsive mobile first brand site with blog features for Chic Next Door - a fashion, beauty, and style influencer. Themed from scratch from an Adobe XD design file. Features two full HTML pages and WordPress with three custom posts and archives types. Also feautured is a social media page that includes an Instagram feed and a Contact page that sends submissions to the client's email.

Ronin Martial Arts Academy

Multi-page Responsive Business Site Design

This is a site that was overhauled for a Martial Arts studio. I was hired to design a more modern and visually pleasing experience, on all screen sizes, to increase site traffic and bring in new business. I updated the fonts, color, layouts, all with subtle nods to the original version of the site. Requested re-designs included a new events page to highlight promotions, a new gallery page, and a sliding gallery on the main page displaying class options.

Snapshot of the Ronin Martial Arts Academy website Snapshot of the Accelerate Marketing website

Accelerate Marketing

Custom Themed WordPress and PHP

This is a Wordpress site with an eye-catching homepage equipped with featured work, blog entries, and a social media feed. There are custom pages and post types throughout the site. This includes a contact page that contains a great contact form and also a newsletter sign-up.

My WordPress Blog

Custom Themed WordPress and PHP

This is blog I created to showcase my custom WordPress theme talents. There is a lot of custom PHP going on here to create a unique yet familiar experience for visitors. I'm not much of a blogger, so while I haven't put much content on there, there are some pretty cool articles and resources posted for techies.

Snapshot of the blog landing page Snapshot of the Unplugged website

Unplugged Retreat Website

Mobile first HTML 5 & CSS from Photoshop Design Comps

This was created from the ground up from a set of three design comps for mobile, tablet, and desktop. It is a completely responsive multi-page website made using Flexbox with perfectly scaling images and text. Using Photoshop I pulled measurements, font-sizes, and line-heights to create an exact replica for all three experiences. This and my personal site are my favorite pieces of work.

Rogue Pickings Website

HTML 5 & CSS from Photoshop Design Comp

This is a multi-page site made from scratch for a fictional food truck company. Using the Photoshop Design Comp I pulled the images, dimensions, and font styles. Using all of that data I created a base in HTML and then created the site and designed it to match the design in CSS.

Snapshot of the Rogue Pickings website Snapshot of the Rogue Pickings Responsive website

Rogue Pickings Website, Mobile First Remix

HTML 5 & CSS from Photoshop Design Comp

This is a project site that was converted from static to responsive. It was good practice taking an already established project and scaling it down for smaller screens and a better user experience. The amount of work that went into this really emphasized why mobile first development is so important and time-saving!

Jubilee Austen Project

HTML5 & CSS Website

This is a Skillcrush project of a personal website for a fictional developer also made from a PDC with the HTML and CSS coded from the ground up. It is a single page design that contains a big, bold, beautiful header with work and contact sections that also stand out.

Snapshot of the Jubilee Austen website Snapshot of the Interactive Election Map

Interactive U.S. Election Map

HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

This is an interactive site fueled by JavaScript. At the top of the page it reflects the total votes and declares a winner. As you mouse over the states they will change from gray to the party color of the winner or blue if there is a draw. The table in the bottom corner will display the date, the candidates names, their total votes, and the winner of the state all following the same color scheme. I’ve always loved JavaScript and it was cool working with my first JavaScript framework.

Magic 8 Ball

HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

The Magic 8 Ball you’ll find here puts my first 8 Ball to shame! The code is where the real beauty is at, it is so much more efficient, clean, and powerful. This interactive site displays an 8 Ball with an interactive button below it. Once you hit the button the ball will shake and you’ll be prompted to enter a question (choose wisely!). After one more shake the answer is revealed! If interested, please check out my first 8 Ball and my old coding and programming projects.

Snapshot of the Magic 8 Ball site Snapshot of the LOL Cat Clock

LOLCat Clock

HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

An interactive clock full of entertaining cat pics. There are four buttons that accept user input. Three are for setting a custom wake-up, lunch, and nap times which will trigger images related to each when the time matches. The fourth is a “PARTY TIME!” button that can be activated at any time, check out what happens when you tap it.

Bruce Lee Manifesto

HTML & CSS Exercise

While working on the Holstee Manifesto project I kept dreaming up this site in the back of my head. I don’t know if it’s because Bruce Lee and Holstee sound similar, or if it was the arrangement of inspirational quotes (probably both!). This was a crash course on cross-browser compatibility and required a lot of tweaking to get it just right on all major browsers. It was fun and rewarding. RIP the greatest of all time!

Snapshot of the Bruce Lee Manifesto website Snapshot of my Holstee Manifesto exercise

Holstee Manifesto Exercise

HTML & CSS Exercise

This was a fun project that involved Rubik’s cubing quotes from the Holstee Manifesto, divs, and padding into a work of art. It was the first project in my Skillcrush Break Into Tech course. It was a great exercise to practice CSS, measurements, padding, margin, and floats.

about me

I am passionate about the web.

I’m Noel Arzola, a Front-End Developer based in Ohio that works with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and WordPress. I take pride in writing clean, efficient code and enjoy making great looking websites.

When I’m not coding or learning and reading more about developing I love spending time with my three kids, riding my motorcycle, lifting weights, and learning foreign languages!

Can't wait to work with you!